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Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91730

Cell: 909.838.5623
Office: 909.529.7942
Fax: 866.497.9722
email: jamesrandolph54@gmail.com

James Randolph,
Realtor/Consultant (10 years experience)

Specialties:Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Short-Sale, Property Management.

My goal in real estate is to provide the assistance needed for the buyer and seller to come together. I understand what is important to my clients. Buying or selling a home is a major decision. I want my clients to be satisfied with their purchase during and after the sale. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Southern California Area, my attention to detail is second to none.

My personality allows me to easily connect with clients and to make the buying/selling process as stress-free as possible. My ability to understand the clients needs, listen to their concerns, and commit to excellence in customer satisfaction allows me to achieve the goals of all my clients. Whether you are a first time buyer, a seasoned investor, or selling your property,I have the resources, equipment, knowledge, and experience to assist you with all your real estate needs. Even after you have settled into your new home, I will continue to lend my knowledge, skills, and services.

James Randolph
Member of: Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.


James is very attentive and helpful. He assisted me with finding my last two places of residence. I have no complaints whatsoever about my experience with him and I would highly recommend his serivces to others. ~ yvonne333

James Randolph is a kind man who cares not only about his job but to also satisfy his clients. He was the person I dealt with during my process of applying for the house I am currently living in. James made the process quick and pleasant, always on time with our appointments. ~ Lesley

James helped a lot while I was looking for a house to live in. He tired to get me some good deals and tried to find me a place around a nice area to live in. I like the house I live in now. ~ acervantes413

James Randoplh has been very helpful in helping me search for a home in Fontana. I had a specific amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, location, price range, etc. He was able to locate exactly what I was looking for. ~ ifolesha

Me and my daughter was in the process of moving and like in any situation of moving, we had so many days to move. We came across James and he saved the day for us. He helped us out tremendously. He was always available, returned every one of our phone calls, and made sure we knew what our options were. ~ ygodlovesme9

I have to take a moment to thank you for all of your help. My mortgage loan modification was recently approved and if not for your continued support and information I know that I would still be strapped to a mortgage payment I cannot afford. Because of your patience and kindness I was able to remain calm during the process. Your encouragement and astute business sense provided me with information I needed to make informed decisions that led to this major victory! I am very fortunate to have met and worked with you during this stressful time in my life and in our country's history. Now I am able to keep my home and have a mortgage payment that is comfortable and sensible. Again, I thank you for all of your help! You are the best! ~ R. C. Hancox

I would like to express the successful experience that I had working with Mr. James Randolph in getting my home modification approved. In 2008 - 2009, when many families were in the prime of their homes going in to foreclosure, I briefly had a conversation with Mr. Randolph regarding preparing paperwork for a modification for my home. During that time I was not behind on my mortgage payments and as a matter of fact through it all...I never got behind, (but I could foresee it coming). I was told by many people and also told by a few organizations that I need to be a few months behind on my mortgage in order to be approved for a modification, which was discouraging to me. Then, I received a follow up call from Mr. Randolph, which at that time I was really at the end of my rope going through a serious hardship. But still was hanging on to the fact that I didn't want to get behind on my mortgage. Mr. Randolph assured me to hang on; he felt that somehow he was going to find a way for me to get approved without getting behind on my payments. At one time, I gave up on trying because it had been a year and I felt the bank was leading me on. Mr. Randolph did not let me give up he helped me to resubmit my paperwork (March) and within 3 months of the time that my paperwork was resubmitted I received a FedEx package stating, "as of June 1st I would begin my trial period" (June - September). In the month of August I received my Modification Agreement. My payments dropped $1100. James Randolph is a blessing to me and my family he is heaven sent. ~ The Parker-Iverson Family

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth Vickers. As an ex-employee/Manager of Countrywide Home Loans, I experienced a huge amount of services offered in the real estate arena. This letter stands as a testimonial for the excellent job that was done by James Randolph and his company, Randolph's Property Tax and Assessment Consultant.

The large decline in values that most of the state and country has seen within the past 12 months is staggering. I knew that my property was no longer valued at the price I paid for it and I was very happy to hire James to make sure he could make the necessary adjustments with San Bernardino County. He filed the paperwork with the county and within days, I received a letter stating my value was dropped $105,000 along with my property taxes. A total savings of $1,200 a year.

My gratitude and excitement with James for his assistance is more than words can say. I know if more people knew what James could do for them, they would be thrilled to hire him and his services. ~
Elizabeth D. Vickers
Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
EDV Insurance & Financial Services

  • SOLD
    14392 Doe Skin Way,
    Victorville, CA 92394

    ID: IV16074579
    4 Bedroom, 2 Bath,
    LISTED FOR $225 ~ SOLD FOR $219,000

    Contact: James Randolph

  • SOLD
    1461 Caron Court,
    Perris, CA. 92571

    4 Bedroom, 3 Bath,

    SOLD FOR $235,000

    Contact: James Randolph

  • SOLD
    11345 Zinnia Lane,
    Fontana, CA 92337

    4 Bedroom, 3 Bath,

    LISTED FOR $209,900 ~ SOLD FOR $240,000

    Contact: James Randolph

  • SOLD
    11732 Frontera Road,
    Fontana, CA 92337

    3 Bedroom, 2 Bath,

    LISTED FOR $195,000 ~ SOLD FOR $185,000

    Contact: James Randolph

  • SOLD
    724 Woodcrest Drive,
    Bloomington, CA 92316

    4 Bedroom, 3 Bath,

    LISTED FOR $212,900 ~ SOLD FOR $180,000

    Contact: James Randolph

  • SOLD
    16823 Colonial Drive,
    Fontana, CA 92336

    4 Bedroom, 3 Bath,

    LISTED FOR $264,900 ~ SOLD FOR $281,000

    Contact: James Randolph

  • SOLD
    14719 Mountain High Drive,
    Fontana, CA 92337

    ID: I08099306
    2 Bedroom, 2 Bath,

    LISTED FOR $179,900 ~ SOLD FOR $188,000

    Contact: James Randolph

  • SOLD
    8971 Brunswick Avenue,
    Riverside, CA. 92503

    ID: I08015
    3 Bedroom, 1-1/2 Bath,
    LISTED FOR $249,900 ~ SOLD FOR $249,900

    Contact: James Randolph

  • SOLD
    16592 Bayleaf Lane,
    Fontana, CA. 92337

    ID: I08122
    4 Bedroom, 2 Bath,
    LISTED FOR $389,900 ~ SOLD FOR $389,900

    Contact: James Randolph

  • SOLD
    24484 Old Country Road,
    Moreno Valley, CA 92557

    ID: I08137
    4 Bedroom, 2 Bath,
    LISTED FOR $249,000 ~ SOLD FOR $215,000

    Contact: James Randolph

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